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Forex Raptor Freeware

Forex Raptor Freeware was created as a clone of Forex Killer. Forex Raptor Freeware uses probability to predict trade setups. The main difference between Forex Killer and Forex Raptor Freeware is while Forex Killer is a manual trading system that is you must still execute the recommend trades, Forex Raptor Freeware seamlessly connects with the Metatrader client terminal to initiate trades directly from the application.

In 2010, a windows 32 edition was release using a Metatrader Expert Advisor, a Metatrader Bridge DLL and the Forex Raptor Freeware application. The Forex Raptor Freeware would retrieve the available sessions when the Expert Advisor is attached to a currency chart. A session is then selected, and the Forex Raptor Freeware proprietary algorithm will make a guess for the predicted trade setup. The trade setup will include the price, probability and action (Buy or Sell)?

Changes to Metatrader rendered the application non-functional and required a rework in addition the bridge DLL was block by many antivirus software because of the use of a shared data segment.

The Metatrader bridge DLL was replaced which a Node-Express API server and the Expert Advisor was modified to function in the new Metatrader environment. Both the Metatrader API Server and Expert Advisor are released as open source to maintain transparency. The Forex Raptor Freeware application is NOT released as open source but will remain free to use!

The release schedule of Forex Raptor Freeware will include a browser version, followed by an updated win32 edition, and a win64 UWP edition that will be released on the Windows App Store. The win32 edition will be released on

A browser version is coming soon to where you can initiate trades on the company's demo account(s) without installing any software.

Preview of the *NEW* Forex Raptor Freeware browser version