Forex General: 4-Rex Strategy Trader

4-Rex Strategy Trader

The 4-REX Strategy Trader is a developer-centric algorithmic trader. While Metatrader offers the creation of strategies known as Expert Advisors (aka EA), the EA must be loaded on each Metatrader client terminal. If you change your EA on one terminal, you must also change the EA on the other client terminals. In addition, you may loose some privacy of your private EA to the Metatrader broker when the EA is operated from the terminal.

4-REX Strategy Trader permits the trading on multiple client terminals from a single location. When you need to change your strategy, you only change in one location, hence avoiding errors across multiple client terminals.

The win32 edition uses DLL's for the custom strategies. The new browser version will use a JavaScript scripting language that is kept in the browser local storage (no transfer to the server) to keep your strategy private and local. The browser edition will have a built in strategy editor. The browser edition will have a restriction for approved users to create strategies.

A preview of the strategy editor.

A browser version is coming soon to where you can initiate trades on the company's demo account(s) without installing any software.